Are photos on Pinterest leading to ‘PinStress' for users?

(WCPO) - Social media site Pinterest serves some 70 million users with an online place to post photos of inspiration, but according to some the pages are causing "Pinstress."

The photos of seeming perfection have left Pinterest users feeling like they weren't measuring up. Among beautiful wedding cakes, creative party plans and simple tips, fans of Pinterest recreate what they see in the photos, called 'Pins." However, some fall behind of their own expectations.

Lifestyle expert Megan Fenno is a crafting queen and a designer of her own jewelry line. She told our sister station WCPO that even she didn't fall suit to the Pinterest perfection.

"No matter how crafty you are," Fenno said, "there are things on Pinterest that are just impossible to do."

Fenno showed some of her successes - a table made from 2,700 pennies and a mirrored chalkboard she hangs proudly in her hallway. Others crafts however, like her attempted citrus vinegar cleaner, went straight to the trash after it started to stink.

A Tiki torch Fenno built from a Pinterest pin didn't work much better. She said it started to mildew immediately. She also used caulk to keep an indoor rug in place, only to find it damaged her hardwood floors.

Even after Pinterest's inspiring pins let her down, Fenno refused to buy into PinStress.

"I wouldn't beat yourself up if something doesn't work out," Fenno said. "I mean, I do this for a living and the simplest things don't work out for me."

Another Pinterest user said she has more than 11,000 pins. April Reckley's Pinterest consists mostly of food ideas she uses for baking.

"It's kind of an addiction, but I like it and it's a good stress release for me," Reckley said.

She said she won't let the result of a recipe change that, just like baking.

"You have to start somewhere," Reckley said. "You can't just jump into it and expect everything to be perfect. You kind of have to learn as you go."

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