Art lovers weather through 28th annual Brookside Art Fair

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Wet, cold weather is putting a damper on outside events in Kansas City this weekend.

The Brookside Art Fair usually opens on the first Friday of May and stays open through Sunday.

This year, the Friday night opener had to be cancelled because of weather. High winds caused a tent to blow over and artists were not able to set up for the show.

Opening day Saturday, crowds were steady despite the misty chilly weather.

Last year on this weekend, art lovers remembered wearing shorts to the event and organizers were being asked for "Brookside Art Fair" tank-tops instead of the usual t-shirts sold at the show. This year, organizers said they will probably sell out of the sweatshirts they have instead.

Coats, winter hats and gloves were needed Saturday. Even in the cold weather, no one in the slightly smaller crowd seemed to be complaining.

"To be honest with you I think this is the best the three years I've been here," art lover Tami Cline said. Cline and her husband bought a piece of art within the first 10 minutes of being at the show Saturday.

One couple from Prairie Village actually preferred the smaller crowd.

"It's a nice sized crowd today, you don't have to be looking over the heads of thousand people at every booth, so it does have some benefits as well," Jerry Stogsdill said.

"Rain or shine, we would have come here last night, but it was postponed," Stogsdill's wife, Deanna Hunter, said.

Kansas City knows to be ready for drastic weather changes; it was the artists from warmer states needing some comfort and extra clothes Saturday.

"It's cold and wet and everyone is giving me extra gear to put on, but it's a beautiful show. There are so many wonderful, wonderful artists here," 3-D mixed media artist Kimberly Willcox said.

It is Willcox's first time to show in the Brookside Art Fair. She is from Gainesville, Fla. She said all the other artists have been giving her gloves and scarves to wear, and even a tarp to help protect her artwork.

Overall, Willcox and other out-of-state artists are still hoping for a good showing this weekend in Kansas City.

The Brookside Art Fair is open until 9 p.m. Saturday, and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.

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