Local couples marry for free on Valentine's Day

City Market and Unity Temple continue traditions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There weren't any guests, but Mary and Rick Baker didn't care. They were married in front of a few photographers and a guitarist in a simple ceremony at City Market. 

The Bakers were one of 12 couples to take advantage of City Market's free weddings on Valentine's Day. Both husband and wife were on their second marriage, and they wanted to keep it simple and private.

They told some family members about their marriage plans without revealing the date or location. Others will learn of the marriage for the first time after the fact.

It is the fourth year City Market offered free Valentine's Day weddings at its First Pavillion. Some couples are already signed up for next year. 

The couples received free use of the facility, in addition to free flowers and cupcakes from City Market merchants. The photographer, minister and guitarist also came free.

"The one thing that never changes in a wedding is the love that a bride and groom have for one another," said Rev. John Navarre, who performed the ceremonies. "You can't make it greater by making it fancier, and you can't make it less by making it simple."

Not to be outdone, Unity Temple on the Plaza hosted free weddings for 20 couples. It's the 13th year for that Valentine's Day tradition.


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