New study from Safe Kids Worldwide shows parents lax on safety belt use with children

WASHINGTON - Startling information in a new report is raising concerns about parents and child safety seats.

According to the report from Safe Kids Worldwide, many moms and dads are bending the rules when it comes to keeping their children restrained in a vehicle.

In fact, the new report shows one in four parents admit to driving without their kids buckled up.

The new report also found that parents who are younger with higher incomes and higher levels of education were most likely to allow their kids to remain unbuckled during drives.

Parents who did this said they were lax on seat belts when they weren't driving far, when they were in a rush, traveling during the night or when they were "rewarding" a child.

Safety experts argue that accidents happen in a split second, and that kids should be buckled up appropriately whenever the car is in motion.

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