Online adoptions increase in popularity

A bouquet from their wedding is kept close by. Rick and Becky Miller married four years ago after meeting online.

A bold step brought them together; a bigger one could make them first-time parents.

"It's a rollercoaster that we have happily decided to get on," said Becky Miller.

The ups and downs started when Becky was just 16, years before she walked down the aisle. She was diagnosed with a condition that causes hormone imbalance, what doctors believe will keep her from getting pregnant.

They took a brief shot at fertility medications before pouring all their efforts into adopting.

"We think that Facebook, and Twitter, and all these other social media platforms are kind of like a great equalizer. My 85-year-old grandmother uses Facebook, as does my 13-year-old niece," said Becky Miller.

So it made sense - instead of turning to an adoption agency, the couple went online. Facebook, Twitter, a personal website and a blog all hold the couple's story.

"Every other message is someone who's supporting us, like ‘I'm praying for the child meant for you. God bless you,'" Becky Miller read from her blog.

Towson attorney Mark Scurti said that blessing can turn into a case of the baby blues if the couple chooses an independent adoption.

"I think the risk here is what are the motivations behind those postings on social media sites? That's the huge risk for me. Have they been counseled? Do they understand what they're getting into," Scurti said.

An adoption agency provides counseling and an attorney for the biological parents. The Millers have agreed to pay for that and their own attorney, hoping to widen their selection on the World Wide Web.

"You never know who may know someone," said Becky Miller.

The Millers are writing letters to the child they one day hope to have while using social media to tug on the hearts of expectant moms.

"We're going through the labor together, so the adoption process it's not for the faint of heart. It's definitely a difficult process, but it will be completely worth it," said Miller.

Scurti said online adoptions are becoming more popular and he wouldn't be surprised if agencies start to adopt a similar search.


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