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Do you know who helped put Kansas City on the map for their barbecue? It was Henry Perry, known as the father of Kansas City barbecue.

Everything you need to know about barbeque in Kansas City

Kansas City is home to nearly 100 barbecue restaurants.

What are burnt ends?
Burnt ends are a staple of Kansas City barbecue, and they originated right here in the city.

Barbeque advice from competition judges
Here are some tips from barbeque judges to take your barbeque to competition level.

What are your favorite BBQ sides?
Who doesn't love delicious fries, beans, coleslaw, cheesy corn or macaroni and cheese with their BBQ dish?

Jones Sisters: Masters of the pit
Two sisters are using the skills and recipes passed down from their father to run a barbeque shack.

Breaking down the American Royal
The American Royal isn't just about barbecue, there's also livestock shows, horse shows and a rodeo!

‘BBQ family’ encourages friendly competition
No matter how many years each American Royal pitmaster has been competing, one thing remains true for all.

All about the American Royal

Did you know there's more to the American Royal than just BBQ?

How to become a KCBS Certified Barbeque Judge
Over the years, the Kansas City Barbeque Society has certified more than 40,000 judges.

How the KCBS keeps things fun
The KCBS has been a force behind KC's barbecue culture for decades.

Barbeque styles across America
Have you tried Memphis dry rub or South Carolina's signature mustard-based BBQ? 

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