Safe backyard grilling tips from BBQ expert Jim Cattey

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It can be easy to get overwhelmed when it's time for that backyard cookout, but it's not necessary. Kansas City BBQ and grilling expert Jim Cattey from Smoke N' Fire has a few tips to keep cooking outside fun and safe.

  • It is important to remember to not cross contaminate food when transitioning to outdoor cooking.  Using labeled containers can help separate cooked and raw foods.
  • Using gloves can keep cooks arms from getting roasted, and prevent hot splashes or splatters when grilling wet or greasier items.
  • Installing a fuel level indicator will make sure that grillers don't run out of gas before they finish cooking the food.
  • When items come off the grill, using a probe thermometer can make sure the internal temperature  is safe with having to cut into the food.
  • Cleaning the grill can help prevent fires and flame ups, as well as remove build-up and residue from the grill.

Smoke N' Fire also offers classes for novice grill masters at their store in Overland Park. You can learn more on their website at

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