Control weeds now or they will take over later

With our lawns browning out, many of us are left with just a bunch of ugly weeds sprouting up all over the place. Keeping them under control now is very important so they don't take over.

There are many varieties of weeds, but the good news is you can now use one weed control to take care of most of them.  Following the instructions and mixing the proper amounts is a must, though, so you don't kill out the things you do want to keep. Applying too much weed control can kill out your nice grass or surrounding plants - so if the bottle says one tablespoon per gallon, then that means one tablespoon. Two or three is not better!

You can keep the spray handy over a couple of months as long as it is stored in a place that doesn't get too hot or freezing - and spray as you see new weeds sprout up.

Most weed controls should not be applied when the temperatures are above 85 degrees. For many days that's going to mean getting up very early in the morning and getting the spray down or applying it very late in the day. See you next week!

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