Get ready for the holidays by checking off your to-do list

KANSAS CITY, Mo - Believe it or not the holiday season is less than three weeks away, which means overloaded light circuits, coming and going and hopefully lots of merriment!

While we're too busy to do a lot of DIY projects right now, these are a couple that are highly important but just require a phone call and not very much money.

With the colder weather and expansion and contraction our garage doors are creaking and groaning lifting up all that weight. This is the single heaviest appliance in our home and we use it all the time.

For under a hundred bucks you can call our friends at Overhead Garage Door Company and they will give you an annual tune up that includes lubricating all tracks, checking spring tension, tightening all bolts and much more. You'll be amazed at how quite your garage door can be again.

If you've ever had a spring break or your garage door opener break you know how dangerous and what a huge hassle this can be.

With daylight savings time last week we were all reminded to change the batteries in our smoke detectors, but take that a step further.

The fine folks at Teague Electric have an incredible service where they'll come out to your home, check all your electric circuits, tighten all the connections in your breaker box, check for any loose wires, clean out and replace the batteries in all your smoke detectors and much more.

This is a huge benefit because most electric fires are caused by loose or faulty wiring and we all know those holiday lights add a lot of stress to our electric systems. All it takes is a phone call and for right at one hundred dollars you can be sure that you don't get any shocking surprises!

While you're out shopping, pick up a couple of these new fire extinguishers. They're as simple as an aerosol can to use and the contents are safe enough to spray right on your skin and walk safely out of a fire.

The holiday season is the biggest time of the year for home fires with candles, lights an entertaining, so keep one on every floor of your home and pick up a few extras for stocking stuffers.

The number one cause for house fires is loose electrical wires. Annual maintenance is essential it will give you peace of mind.

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