Grow these 6 vegetables and save a bushel of cash

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Plant these six vegetables to reap the rewards of fresh food and a healthier grocery budget. EarthEasy recommends these six as among the most cost effective. They are likely among your family favorites.

Lettuce: A head of red leaf can run you $2.49 compared to a packet of seeds for two dollars. Re-seed every two to three weeks for salad and sandwich makings all summer long.

Bell Peppers: A three pack can cost as much as six dollars these days. Pepper plants at the nursery are about two dollars and each plant typically yields up to six peppers.

Garlic: At two dollars a bulb, it's easy to see why growing this kitchen staple is popular. Garlic grows wild and fast and in no-time you'll have the spice at a cost of less than fifty cents a pound.

Squash: It, too, grows like a weed and can quickly take over your garden so plant carefully. Each plant is about two dollars and can net you forty squash compared to more than two dollars a pound at the store right now.

Tomatoes: Big and juicy or tiny and sweet, tomatoes are another essential to most summer dishes and very easy to grow. For about forty dollars, EarthEasy says you'll easily produce up to $320 ready to eat right off the vine.

Broccoli: Don't worry if you missed the spring planting, you can still cash in this fall. At $1.50 or more a pound at the store, a plant at the same price produces two pounds so you can get double or more the vegetable for the price.

Want to grow your own but live in the city?

Toby Tobin shows you how to create and keep a raised vegetable garden in your backyard, no matter what the size.

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