No garden? No worries: Here's how to plant flowers via container gardening

KANSAS CITY, Mo - Do you want to enjoy some plants or flowers but don't have the yard for it?

Just because you have a small space doesn't mean you can't have a place to garden.

Container gardening is becoming more and more popular.

Standard containers have three things: thriller, filler and spiller.

Tropical and tall plants can act as the thriller.

Vining plants like petunias, ivy, sweet potato vine can be used as the spiller.

A variety of plants work well as filler like begonias, impatiens and geraniums.

According to Jason Opheim of Hermes Landscaping, this is how you properly plant a container:

  • Start with a high-quality potting mix. Choose one that has compost and peat moss. Higher quality soils are better for plant growth and are usually free of weed and insects.
  • Add 1" of rock or gravel to the bottom of the container. This will aid in drainage by keeping the siol from blocking the drainage holes.
  • Fill the container with potting mix up to 2" below the rim. This allows for watering without the soil overflowing the sides of your container.
  • Add in granular fertilizers and mix into the soil (about 4-5" deep). Or use a liquid feed when watering in the plants.
  • Add plants. Start with your thriller. It can be placed in the center of the container or towards the back.
  • Next, add your filler. Start with taller varieties nest to the thriller plant then add shorter varieties in front of those.
  • Plant your spiller. Allow them to drape over the sides of your container.
  • Water all the plants as close the roots as possible. Do not water overhead, especially plants that will be in full sun. This could lead to diseases and/or scorched leaves and blooms.

A reminder, container plantings need more water than things planted in the ground. Containers have less soil so plantings in them dry out more quickly.

You can test moisture by sticking your finger in the soil.

If it is dry, you need to water. If it is moist, the plants will be okay for another day.

Usually containers in the shade need to be watered three times a day, while containers in the sun need to be watered daily.

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