Tips from Toby: Seed your lawn before Christmas for a great lawn next summer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you didn't get your seeding done in September, don't wait until spring. The best time is right now.

If you missed seeding in September or just didn't want to spend the money on watering all the time, dormant seeding is a wonderful option. You can plant now and see germination as early as February, which means the new grass will have matured enough to survive the hot summer.

Grass that is planted this coming spring will generally not mature enough and die out in the summer heat - so you'll be wasting time and money.

Seeding now is easy. The single most important step is to make sure you hand rake or verticut your old lawn to remove thatch and loosen the soil so the new seed can make good contact.

Don't use too much seed. Use the manufacturer's recommended spreader rate. Seeding too much will overpopulate the lawn and make the lawn more subject to disease and heat damage. Once you've seeded, water one time to set the seed well and you're done. The grass does everything it would do in September except germinate.

When it germinates in February or March, you'll save money on watering and have a great lawn next season. You can dormant seed all the way through Christmas, but the sooner you get it planted the sooner you'll see success next year. See you next week.

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