Tips from Toby: Fall is the time to winterize your lawn

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - We are all so busy and that means a lot of us hire lawn companies to do our fertilizer treatments each year. They do a good job, but they have busy schedules which means most do two applications of fertilizer in the Fall.

I like to spread out that fertilization over three applications because you can spoon feed your lawn and keep it hearty and healthy as you enter next Spring.

If you look very closely at your lawn right now you will see small new blades popping up where it looks like you might have seeded. You will also see the blades of grass getting thicker. This is called tiller and rhyzoming. By just feeding your lawn it is going to thicken up and fill in many of those bare spots all by itself.

A big concern is the amount of weeds people are experiencing,. especially in areas where there is new seed.  Weeds are natural in newly seeded areas. The best thing to do right now is just hand pull the weeds. But be careful, it's really easy to also grab a big clump of new grass when you pull those weeds. You can use an old fashioned dandelion puller and just pop out the weeds cleanly. If you miss a few of those weeds though, don't panic. It's more important to let the grass grow strong right now than worrying about a few weeds.

There are brands of Winterizer fertilizer that have a new weed control. The chemical is called Surge and it will quickly take care of any weeds that are growing right now. Just make sure your new seed is at least three inches tall and has been mowed twice.

If you haven't put down your first application of Fall Starter fertilizer, do it this weekend. This is also the last two weeks to seed if you're going to this year and finally. you'll want to make sure that after you've applied your Fall Lawn Starter Fertilizer, that you apply two more applications of Winterizer Fertilizer next month and then again in December.

When you buy your Winterizer Fertilizer look on the package for one very important thing. Nutralife Microbes. These microbes enable the plant to use 100% of the fertilizer, you're going to have a stronger root system, a healthier plant and a plant that's stronger to get through the winter.

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