Tips from Toby: Giving your cabinets a fresh new look

Most people think that in order to change the color of your cabinets your either have to reface them or completely sand them down to bare wood. Mike Holmes and his crew have developed a glazing technique that takes out all of that elbow grease and expense.

"A lot of people just want get rid of the problem of the ugly oak look. We call it ‘Ugly Oak!'" says Mike Holm, owner of Mike Holm Painting and Design. "Gotta get rid of it! So what we do is we glaze over the top of it and then we spray a fresh coat of lacquer over it. It gets everything cleaned up and looking nice."

If you're tired of the dark stains or wood you can completely lighten up and change the look of your kitchen by painting the cabinets. But just slapping on a coat of paint is not going to look very elegant. Some artistic techniques can make a world of difference.

If they're too dark and you want to lighten them up a lot of people just paint them a base color and it could be white it could be off white it could be a creamy color or a light tan and then we put a glaze over the tip of that and that creates its own custom look.

One thing to keep in mind is that no matter what you do the old lacquer on your cabinets is going to wear down about every ten years, so some sort of maintenance is essential. Our kitchens our one of the most valuable rooms in our home and your cabinets can be the difference between ho hum and very special!

They need to be re-lacquered anyway. So we're killing two birds with one stone. We're giving them a fresh coat of lacquer which is going to last them another ten years and we're also changing the colors. No matter what color you have if you're sick of it, you can change it.

Don't forget one of the easiest ways to change the look of your cabinets; clean them and change the hardware.

We'll see you next week!

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