Tips from Toby: How to find a substitute for your incandescent bulbs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It used to be changing our light bulbs over to LED's could cost a small fortune. That's changing right now.

If you've noticed there aren't as many incandescent light bulbs on the shelf anymore it's because they have been phased out and manufacturers are no longer making those old bulbs. Phillips has been the gold standard in LED technology, but let's face it, these babies have still been expensive with a 60 watt flood that so many of us have in our homes like this one, costing around $30, it's been hard to justify replacing a whole floor of bulbs in our homes.

Feit Electric company has been around since 1978 and has just received the leading consumer magazine's "Best Buy" award. You can now find these standard 60 watt LED replacement's on sale for around 10 bucks. Just replacing this one 60 watt bulb with LED versus incandescent can save you $128 in electric bills for just this one bulb! Plus, these bulbs are going to last up to 20 years or in other words these two little one's will be in college the next time this homeowner has to change out a light bulb!

Be sure to check the bulbs for the type of color they emit. If you like the warm lighting of incandescent then choose the yellow or warm lighting style LED. If it's cool or crisp blue lighting then choose the cool variety. It does come down to personal preference but be sure to buy one and try it for a while before you commit to a whole bunch of replacements.

With the phase out of incandescent it's time to make the switch to LED. Those twisty CFL bulbs do contain mercury so LED is the safer, better, and longer alternative. Be sure to treat your new bulbs like any appliance in your home, write down on the bulb when you bought it and save the warranty information. By the time these little one's are in college you can look back and see just how long those bulbs lasted. The money you save over the next ten years, might just pay for a couple of semesters of their tuition!

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