Tips From Toby - How to get rid of nutgrass in your yard

KANSAS CITY - Hi, I'm Toby Tobin. Two weeks ago my neighbor had absolutely no Nutgrass in his yard. Now it is coming up everywhere!

Nut Grass is not a grass, but actually a Sedge plant. It's so invasive, it drives people nuts - thus the nickname!

It's estimated that in a good growing season one nutgrass plant can produce 1,900 plants with 6,900 tubers underground. See why it drives you nuts?

Until now there have only been controls for the existing nutgrass plants, and not the tubers. There is a new patented chemical that has just been released under the brand name Dismiss. It actually kills the nutgrass plant and the tubers that produce more weeds. This stuff is expensive. It is $90 for this bottle, but one teaspoon makes a gallon, so it is very cost effective and you can share it with friends or family.

With this chemical you just go right over the nutgrass real quick and spray light and that is it.

Despite the expense if you have ever had a problem with nutgrass you know what a hassle it can be every summer but how quickly it can take over your lawn, so if you want to stop it from coming back every year this new chemical will stop nutgrass in its tracks. Also, in the past I have recommended mixing chemicals with Spreader Sticker. You do not have to do that with Dismiss. So when you add up the cost of going nuts with nutgrass this is a wise investment.

Don't spray the nutgrass when the temperatures are above 90 degrees, so late in the day is the best time to spray.

Have a great week!

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