Tips From Toby: It's almost time to start fertilizing your lawn

Most of us have spent this week spreading ice melters and shoveling. In less than 3 weeks it will be time to start putting down our first application of fertilizer with crabgrass control for the season.

Having the right spreader is essential to get the job done right all season. Plus you can use your spreader for more than just fertilizer. If you follow my lawn program you'll be putting down grub control, fungicides and even insect controls. 

First, if you have one of those cheap spreaders with the little plastic wheels, it's time for an upgrade. Those things bounce all over the ground are a pain to use and don't have the controls to evenly apply treatments. This can lead to uneven applications which can burn out your lawn or not be effective at all.

Look for large air filled tires and the rate control selector is also very important. A spreader like this where you have accurate control will help immensely. And also choose a broadcast spreader over a drop spreader. Other features like these side deflectors so you don't put half your fertilizer in the street or sidewalk are also helpful. Finally look for a spreader that fits you. If you're taller or shorter, be sure that the spreader can be adjusted for ease of use and comfort.

Remember, we need to feed our lawns and keep them treated to keep everything in good shape and healthy all year. This is one of the easiest things you can do this year because you'll apply the fertilizer or other chemicals on the most effective schedule and you'll only spend about four to five hours per season doing it yourself! Putting a high quality spreader on your shopping list will save you big bucks this year and make the job a whole lot easier!

Next week we are going to be showing you the first application of fertilizer that you should be applying and have the most beautiful lawn on the block. See you next week!

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