Tips from Toby: It's already time to start mowing your lawn

If you want to have the best lawn on the block, get out and mow your lawn within the next two weeks.

You wouldn't try to get a sun tan with a blanket over you, but if you think about it, that's what's happening to our lawns right now. 

That layer of brown grass is not dormant. It's dead. It's robbing the new grass and soil from the sun's warmth. One of the most essential steps you can do right now is to mow that dead layer of grass off and expose the lawn to the sun's warmth. You want to lower your mower down to 1.5 inches and cut off that top layer. You are mowing low but you don't want to scalp the lawn so be careful. It's also very important to bag the grass clippings. You don't want all that old grass lying around because it will just defeat the purpose.

By short mowing now you will be over a month ahead in letting your grass tiller and rhizome which will start filling in those bare spots and greening up much more quickly. 

Don't mow with a dull blade! You have about two weeks to get your short mow done and a dull blade will just tear the grass instead of cutting it. If your blade is dull from last season, sharpen it now or get a new one to have a spare. Also, that gas that has been sitting in your mower since last year has probably gone stale. You want to drain it out and replace it with a fresh tank. You can pour the old mower gas into your car because it won't do damage to your car engine like it will to your mower.

Short mowing now will mean you have the greenest lawn on the block and will be weeks ahead in your first step to having a beautiful lawn all season!

Sometimes after we've done our short mow we'll see little weeds that have popped up during the winter time: chickweed and henbit. When the temperatures are above 40, get out and spray. We'll see you next week!

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