Tips from Toby: Keeping your plants looking good indoors

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you haven't moved your indoor plants indoors, it's probably too late because of the recent cold snap. But if you have we're going to give you some advice to keep them healthy all winter long!

The first thing to do is be aware that your plant is going to be shocked from moving from outside to inside.

"You're going to see yellowing of leaves because you are going from a high light to a low light situation," said Janet, a plant specialist at Suburban Lawn and Garden. "That's just normal for the plant. They're not going to be able to hold on to all those leaves once it's brought inside because it's just lower light. Just pick them off and realize it's just a normal thing."

We've had a particularly bad season with spider mites from the summer's high heat. You don't want to move these inside the home. You can either spray with neem oil which is all natural or you can simply mix up two drops of dawn dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle with warm water and spray your plants. 

It helps to clean your plants, it helps with any spider mites you might have, it helps with mealy bugs and it's easy. You really want to use something gentle inside your home because it's better for your plants and it's better for you.

Most of us panic when our plants look bad and over water. In the first week use one teaspoon of mushroom stuff mixed with a gallon of water and be aware of your furnace temperatures.

In the first two to three weeks that your furnace is turned on you want to water your plants more than you would have outside because of the adjustment to temperatures. But after two to three weeks you'll want to go back to watering once a week because the plant will adjust to the temperatures.

Did you move your plants too close to the heating vents? Many people do and it is a no-no, so check and make sure.

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