Tips from Toby: Keeping your trash cans clean

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - They say one man's trash is another man's treasure, but when it comes to our trash cans, there's not a lot of treasure, just a lot of gross germs, smells and more. Bags leak, food spoils and it's frankly a Petri dish of germs that could light up a whole CSI episode.

Just imagine the germs on your hands from taking the trash to the curb each week.

Don Puchalla of Metro Curbside Cleaning knows those germs by name.

"Staphacocous, fecal coliform, you can just imagine, plus all the fungi that come from foods and those germs as well," Puchalla said. "Then we have problems with rodents, and flies. Flies are one of the worst, you wouldn't think they'd be a big deal, but they actually carry 65 different transmittable diseases to humans and animals."

For just $88 per trash can per year, the folks at Metro Curbside Cleaning will come out, power wash, steam clean, disinfect, and towel dry your entire trash can once a month. Adding a second trash can, or having it done more frequently, is relatively inexpensive and they clean over 99 percent of this disgusting bacteria and germs that build up on the cans.

 Best of all, that gross water and sticky stuff from the cleanup is contained and drained properly, so you don't have to worry about a gross trail running down your driveway or curb.

"The hot water we use is 200 degree hot water; it's comes out at 4000 pounds of pressure; it's stronger than any car wash you've ever seen," Puchalla said. "In fact it has a sign on it that says do not use this on cars because it would actually take the paint off."

"We contain all that fluid and it goes into a containment system on the back of the trailer so nothing is left at the residence. It gets filtered four times before it even goes to the waste tank. Then we take it to the proper dumping site with county waste management and it has to go into a certified sewage system," Puchalla said.

Your trash can will be so clean you could actually eat off of it. This is one way to spread a lot less germs around your entire home for very little money!

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