Tips from Toby: making your own holiday decor

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There is nothing like the sights and smells of the holidays, but many of us are afraid of live holiday trees and decorations. There are even those who truly even like these metallic trees. 

"The wreaths are already assembled so the hard part is done for you," said Katie with Suburban Lawn & Garden. "All you have to worry about is the nice accessories that you want to add to your wreath and customize it to make it your own. The only limitation is your imagination. You can do whatever you want with it, especially if you have a pre made wreath and you're just putting in the fun stuff."

Many of us are afraid of live trees or picking the right one. Here's some easy advice from the pros who have been picking the best trees for over 50 years.

"We used to sell six different varieties of Christmas trees," said Matt Stueck from Suburban Lawn & Garden. "We now carry two. The cream of the crop has really risen to the top. We basically know the two varieties that are customers are going to want because they hold their needles the best, they have the best shape and they hold ornaments the best. That's frasier fir and noble fir. Before get to the house they need to touch the tree. "

Everyone wants the best shape and the one that's going to go fit in the spot it goes in. Okay you find that tree, now take your hand and brush over the needles. None of them should fall off - none!

Don't forget when you get your fresh tree home, immediately make a fresh cut on the bottom about one inch and put it into water and don't let it run dry and that tree will be happy all through the holidays.

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