Tips From Toby - The best lawn on the block

Last week we showed you how to kill out a yard. We're going to show you now the steps to having the best lawn on the block!

Killing out your lawn with Round Up and replacing it means you'll be starting with a gorgeous new lawn. Now that your old lawn is completely dead, remove as much of the dead grass as possible to create a great seed bed.

Start by mowing and bagging as low as your mower will go and picking up all the debris. Next, use a verticutter. This will create grooves in the ground and also remove some of the remaining dead grass. Verticut east and west then north and south to create the most grooves for the seed to lodge. Do not use an aerator. This just creates holes in the ground that the seed will wash into and create uneven germination!

Now it's time to seed. Most of us seed way too heavy!!! Follow the instructions on the bag and use the best quality seed you can buy. I also recommend that you water in your seed with a product called Earth Right that will help loosen the soil. Finally, water daily unless we have rain. In about a month, you'll start to see your new gorgeous lawn!

Whether you're starting your lawn over or just spot seeding, the most important thing is selecting the right type of seed for your lawn. We're going to show you that next week. I'm Toby Tobin. Have a great week!

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