Tips from Toby: the unforeseen dangers of winter weather

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The wrong kind of ice melt can cause your driveway to crumble away. Now is the time to get prepared so you don't do damage to your home or yourself.

There are ice melts on the market that will not damage your driveway or harm the inside of your home if it's drug in on your shoes. It also won't harm pets. 

None of us like shoveling snow, if you have to, get one of these new ergonomic snow shovels that is easier to use. And with 10,000 of us baby boomers retiring in the U.S. per day, many of us are saying 'no' to the shovel and 'yes' to snow blowers.

"So, we're all going after snow blowers and it's either because of an achy back or God forbid even a stroke or a heart attack when shoveling that drive," said Bob Ball with Ball Power Equipment. "Well for them it is an insurance policy. If they need it great, if they don't that's even better but in their mind set it's there when they do need it.

Ball says that when choosing a snow blower look for the new models that run on gas only and don't require an oil gas mix. Spend the extra money, a good one will last up to ten years. And perhaps another reason to consider a snow blower under your Christmas tree,Tony Phillips of the Sports Injury Clinic says the number one cause of injury he sees as this time of year is back and hip problems from people being too aggressive when shoveling.

"Shovels seem to be getting bigger and bigger and bigger," said Phillips. "Well it doesn't mean that we need to fill the shovel up with snow and when we throw it we just need to make sure it's a comfortable weight for us. Making sure that we're not using the same side to shovel not just using the right or the left side and alternating back and forth."

Spending a little bit of time now before we do get hit with a big storm can really help save you a lot of money and damage to your home. The leading cause of heart attacks at this time of year is from shoveling snow. So keep yourself and your home safe now.

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