Tips from Toby: Why keeping your blades sharp is so important

The Ambrosi Family hails from a small town in Italy that is renowned all over the world for the art of knife sharpening. Alfred Amrbosi is the third generation owner of Kansas City's Ambrosi Cutlery which opened its doors here in 1959. From the finest knives in the world to every cool kitchen item you can imagine. Ambrosi says the reason they have continued to succeed despite all the internet competition is that people still love to feel a good product... especially knives.

"That's the big thing I think is the appeal and the feel of the knife," says Alfred Ambrosi, owner of Ambrosi Cutlery.  "I mean sure looks are one thing but it's got to feel comfortable in your hand and if not it's not really fun to mess with."

So here's your homework. Get your knives and garden tools  and lawn mower blades sharpened. Ambrosi says it's the "curve" that forms in the blade that makes all these important tools dull. That means that you are fighting the tool and that's when accidents happen. Plus a dull mower blade is the easiest way to damage your lawn and spread disease. Lawn Mower blades should be sharpened once per every ten hours of use. Knives and garden tools with average use should be sharpened about 2 times annually.

Ambrosi will sharpen your good knives starting at about 5 bucks. And if you're the market for a good knife, he has the best advice on how it should feel.

And some of them are just like butter. You can just tell that they are good because it's just smooth

These Felco pruners did an incredible job resharpening this. Keep in mind the cheaper tools usually don't resharpen well. When you buy tools, buy quality and you will have them for a lifetime. Have a great week!

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