Toby Tobin shares tips on how to modernize your kitchen and bath

While it may be hard to get real excited about your throne, technology has come a long way when it comes to kitchen and bath fixtures in our home.

"I think they are surprised that the technology is what makes the product work," says Mellody Jurgeson from the Grandview Winnelson Bath & Kitchen Idea Center.  "It's not the water, the amount of water, it's the actual technology in the faucet, the shower head or the toilet. A toilet is a really good example because they've gone to 1.28 gallons. Most people that were used to a 3 or 5 gallon flushing stool they thought that's how their bowl was kept clean and that's what pushed what was in the stool down. That's not true it's actually the technology that makes that happen."

If a self cleaning toilet doesn't excite you, how about a bath tub you can walk into for safety and comfort, composite granite sinks, instant on hot water, shower heads that generate their own extra pressure while still saving water, or bathroom stoppers that work on gears instead of levers so they never break.  And they've finally put the garbage disposal switch next to the sink! Melody says the main thing to focus on when purchasing new equipment is the quality of company and warranty.

Walking into a box store and just thinking you're going to buy a faucet. Faucets are different. Don't just buy any faucet that looks good. You want it to function, you want it to last, know the warranty. A lot of times you won't know that when you go to those stores.

If you're looking to sell your home, updating fixtures will really impress potential buyers.  And if you're just upgrading you will find that that updating your home with new technology is far from flushing money down the drain! You'll just feel a whole lot better!

The new bathroom and kitchen technology is amazing. You've got to get out there and check it out! We'll see you next week!

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