Tips from Toby: Grilling with fresh herbs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you haven't started your garden or are afraid you don't have a green thumb, go ahead and get some herbs in soil. It's barbecue season and there's nothing better than having some fresh herbs to use in marinades, salads or any meal.

You can buy the plants instead of starting from seed and you can fit a ton of fresh herbs in very small outdoor containers. If you can put the plants in soil and keep them watered and even give them a little food every once in a while, you'll have easy success! Great choices include mint, parsley, basil, dill and oregano. Go to your local nursery and pick out you favorites and start today!

Speaking of great success, this recipe from The National in Parkville uses fresh herbs for their chimichurri sauce for fish and chicken.

Chimichurri sauce recipe from The National -

Before you fire up that grill, check your propane tank. Too many people get badly burned or die in grill explosions each year and you can avoid it with some easy steps. Mix a little dishwashing liquid in a water spray bottle and spray all the hoses and seals and make sure you don't see any bubbles. If you do replace the tank or hose immediately. One leak can cause the whole tank to explode. Also, go ahead and clean up that grill and the gas lines and you'll be enjoying your grilled favorites, safely all summer long!

A word of caution. Have a fire extinguisher on hand at all times.

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