Blue Springs Christmas tradition in last year

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - A decades-old tradition is coming to an end in Blue Springs.

The annual Chicago Street Christmas Lighting display will end this holiday season. This year marked the 30th consecutive year for the display, a tradition that started from just one house and grew to more than 50 homes on three different streets.

Thousands of people go to the display each year, but the man who started it all has decided 2012 will be the final season for the lights.

"People this year, when they see it's going to be the last year, they almost come to tears because they said, ‘My parents brought me where when I was little and now I'm taking my kids through,'" Steve Steiner said.

Steiner estimates that during the past 15 years, the charity has brought in an estimated $250,000 in charitable contributions for local charities.

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