Families receive donated cars for Christmas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Overland Park resident Thelma West and Mike Bergen had never met. However, it would be their encounter Friday morning that would change this year's Christmas for West's family.

"Oh it's just been a blessing," West said.

All because of "Cars 4 Christmas," she will now be driving a Ford Windstar minivan

The non-profit group gave away more than 20 cars to local families Friday.

"I have a daughter and two grandchildren and one on the way and currently I have a small compact car and I wouldn't be able to get all four of them in the car," West said.

Not only did they give away the cars, the group also gave away food and toys.

"Some toys help it puts some smiles on some kids' faces and that's what it's all about," Bergen said.

He and his organization "Hand to Hearts" have been involved with the annual event six of the 19 years it's been around.

"I'm just a hand and everybody is just the hearts, so there are a lot of people in Kansas City and I'm very lucky dude to have people help us out," Bergen said.

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