Kansas teenager goes all out with Christmas lights

CLEARWATER, Kan. - A Kansas teenager has turned his front lawn into a fantastic Christmas light show. 

For Cody Hanna, from Clearwater, it's all about lights. And each year, he has a goal.

"Get bigger," he says. "More lights. Way more lights."

Cody's mom, Michelle Hanna, says her son has liked lights "since he was probably a baby."

For Cody, that wasn't that long ago. He's only 13. 

"When he was about 7, he decided he was going to start decorating his room," his mom remembers.

This 13-year-old's efforts go beyond just a few extension cords.

"It runs through your FM radio," Cody explains. "I'll have a sign out there that says what channel to turn to and you'll just turn to that and you'll be able to listen to it."

The light display is programmed to music run by special software on a laptop Cody saved up to buy.

"My neighbors came out and clapped for me at the end of the song, so support from the neighbors helps."

Cody's mom says he's a "Clark Griswold in the making."

It's quite a compliment to a boy like Cody, who takes the Christmas spirit to a whole new level.

"It can only get bigger from here."