Radio station keeps playing Christmas music

New sound will debut January 3rd

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - The Christmas season brings out strong reactions in many people, especially the music.

And love it or hate it, one local radio station has decided to embrace it and prove yes, Virginia, Christmas does last more than one day.

"People asked you know ‘why do you stop...the day after Christmas?’ And we didn't have a good answer for them," Ed Walker, Program Director for KCKC Kansas City, said.

And at 102.1, now they don't have a good answer why they're still playing Christmas music either.

"We thought well why not? Let's run it a little longer and see how it works for us and like I said so far the response has been fairly positive," Walker said.

"It's starting to get old. People are starting to become saturated and I think any kind of a good thing can get to be too much," local psychologist Helen Weiser said.

That's certainly true when we're talking about Neil Diamond’s “Cherry Cherry Christmas”, or even the most beautiful carol.

"If you played it every day you would hate it after a certain number of times you hear it," Weiser said.

But sometimes it even seems impossible to escape from it.

"I know for myself and for many people even though you turn it off, it'll sort of keep repeating in your head if you've heard it often enough," Weiser said.

So how long will they keep this up?

"Well, we've been plugging the ol' ‘coming January 3rd it's gonna be a new sound on 102.1’ and that will be revealed on January 3rd," Walker said.

As far as what that new sound will be...."yule" have to wait and see.

Traditionally the 12 days of Christmas last from Christmas Day until the Feast of the Epiphany on Jan. 6. But back then they didn't start Christmas sales in October.

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