Tips on how to keep your pet safe during the holiday season

(NBC News) - From tinsel to trees, holly and ornaments, those merry and bright decorations create holiday hazards for pets.

If you want to have a jolly holiday, veterinarian Jae Chang with Farr Veterinary Hospital in Lake Charles, La., says it is time to sharpen your senses with what is and is not safe for your inside pets starting with festive plants.

"Holly and mistletoe can cause them to have severe gastrointestinal signs and also cardiovascular issues," Chang said.

Ingesting holly and mistletoe can really make your pet sick.

The same can be true for poinsettias, but a large amount would have to be consumed.

"It's not that toxic to pets," said Dr. Chang. "The white sap that is in the poinsettia, it is a mild irritant to the mouth and the oral cavity."

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