Kansas City couple overcomes physical challenges to build a business

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Building a business from the ground up is an uphill battle, but doing it while physically challenged can be especially difficult. One Kansas City couple wants people to know it's possible.

Richard and Heather Garza are the proud owners of Garza's Goodies Chocolates & Confections.

Heather has several eye problems. She can make out figures, but is extremely near-sighted. Richard is constrained to a wheelchair, making it difficult for him to perform physical work.

The couple says they came up with the concept for Garza's Goodies early on in their marriage.

"When we first got married, it came to Christmas time and we realized with what we had, we couldn't give gifts, so we decided we would make them. We started pulling things from the pantry and baking things. We made a couple of candies, and it worked out really well," Heather said.

For others facing physical challenges, the Garzas want to let them know anything is possible.

"Just keep going. As I told one person, I'm not sure if I'm all that smart or just too dumb to quit, but that's really what you have to do," Richard said.

For more information on their chocolate business, visit http://www.garzasgoodies.com/.

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