Kansas City & Well-known Street Names

What's the story behind a name? We dug into the history of namesakes for several well-traveled streets in the Kansas City area. 

Gillham Road 

It’s named after Robert Gillham, who designed and built the Kansas City Cable Railway System.

Truman Road 

Truman Road is named for one of the most famous Missourians of all time -- President Harry S. Truman.

JC Nichols Parkway

Before it was known as JC Nichols Parkway, it was called Mill Creek Parkway.

Wornall Road

Wornall Road is 11 miles long and one of the most traveled streets in Kansas City.

Ward Parkway

Ward Parkway was named after KC businessman and real estate pioneer, Seth E. Ward.

Troost Avenue

Troost Avenue is named after Dr. Benoist Troost, the first physician to live in Kansas City.L

Linwood Boulevard 

Linwood Boulevard was named in 1893 when George E. Kessler laid out the parks and boulevard system.

Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard 

In 1999, Brush Creek Blvd. was renamed after former mayor and current congressman, Emanuel Cleaver II.

Armour Boulevard 

Simeon B. Armour became a pillar of the Kansas City community thanks to his business and civic efforts.

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