KC fashion blogger shares tips on finding unique, trendy clothing at thrift stores

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Great fashion doesn't have the come with a hefty price tag. That is what Lindsey Kupper tries to show through her fashion blog, jujoustyle.com.

Focusing on fashion on a budget, almost every item Kupper features on the blog, was purchased at a discounted price.

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"Even people who aren't necessarily on a budget still love to find a great deal," said Kupper. "Everyone likes a good deal, a good sale."

Kupper says some of the best places to find great, unique pieces are thrift stores. But walking into one and seeing the racks and racks of clothing can be intimidating for some.

So we asked Kupper to take three women shopping to see what special finds they can uncover.

Carrie Shapiro is a mom with two children in college.

"They are both involved in sororities and fraternities and they always have all kinds of themed events," Sharpiro said.

Specifically, Sharpiro was looking for a vintage-style party dress for her daughter, who had a sorority party coming up.

Kupper says when you have a specific item like that you're looking for, focus when you're shopping so you don't get overwhelmed by everything in the thrift store.

At Red Racks, Kupper found a black-beaded vintage dress for $14.96. It had intricate, colorful beading at the neckline and the hem and was exactly what Shapiro was looking for.

"I'm always looking for a great deal, you're always looking for that diamond in the rough," Shapiro said.

Kupper also met up with Cara Price, a young professional who works at a modeling agency.

"Sometimes we'll be meeting with clients, meeting with models," Price said. "I also instruct a lot of the modeling courses so I've always got to look great."

Price wasn't on the hunt for anything specific, but said she likes a little hipster-vibe in her style.

After searching through accessories at Red Racks, Kupper found a vintage handbag for less than $6.

"I love the challenge and I love being able to find pieces that no one else is going to have," said Price. "I like to have a little bit of a unique style."

Finally, Hannah Corbett is a student at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

"I have lots of loans to pay off as a typical college student does," Corbett said.

At City Thrift, Kupper found comfortable clothes for Corbett to wear to class, saying denim and leather are big hits this fall and winter.

"If you browse these racks, you're going to find a lot of those pieces," she said.

Corbett bought an entire outfit, including a shirt, denim vest, leather jacket, jeans and boots for $30.

"Shocking, you're like what?" Corbett said. "Is this really that cheap? It's great!"

Kupper said she spends a lot of time browsing fashion magazines to find the latest trends.

"I particularly look for those things when I go to the thrift store," said Kupper. "So I may not necessarily sift through every single thing. I keep an eye out for the trendy key pieces."

Kupper says the best part of shopping at a thrift store is you're helping the community. Money spent at Red Racks goes to Disabled American Veterans. By shopping at City Thrift, you're supporting the Kansas City, Mo., City Union Mission.

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