Newsome works up a sweat at Snow Creek ski school in Weston

WESTON, Mo. - My first time seeing Snow Creek in Weston, Mo., in person was inspiring. I drove there last Saturday morning and when I turned the corner into the ski area, I knew it was going to be great fun. I was right.

It has been years since I had been skiing, so I didn't have my own gear. I was glad they had the boots, skis and poles for rent. I immediately went to ski school for a refresher course. 

The instructor, Joe Fischer, was experienced and patient. There were six of us in the class.

I learned the basics of how to get in the skis, correctly fall, walk in the skis and stop. We practiced on what I call the bunny slope. It was great fun and a lot of physical work. 

I was also amazed because I thought it was going to be so cold on the mountain. What I discovered is that because you're body is working so hard, you're actually quite warm. I had fun even though I did fall more than once. 

If you're interested, you can visit the Snow Creek website,

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