Animal Rescue groups overwhelmed with abused and abandoned dogs

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - Some members of "Love 4 Paws" rescue group have as many as fifteen dogs in their homes.  The rescue group handles abused and abandoned dogs, but they have no official kennel building.  The group's founder, Stephanie Henshaw, said they are caring for more dogs than in previous years.

"This is an ongoing project, there are not enough organizations out there and there are way too many dogs," said Henshaw.

Henshaw helped a lab mix named Daisy last week.  The puppy was abandoned in a Kansas City, Mo. apartment complex with several fractures to her legs.

"We've had hundreds of calls and emails about her," said Henshaw.

Henshaw has raised enough money to get Daisy surgery, but she said other dogs are in the same situation.

"We are getting calls all the time from people and shelters about dogs that need extreme care, said Henshaw.

Henshaw's group isn't alone.  Corrina Riemann also rescues dogs.  She said the need for people to volunteer and adopt is extremely high.  She said some of the dogs stay with rescue groups for months.

"You have to take the time you have to be committed, because this dog stays with you until you find the right home," said Riemann.

There are more than a dozen rescue groups in the Kansas City area. 

Organizers said there are many ways to help.

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