Dog missing after owner's carjacking in Westport is located

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dr. Greg Horton, an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Kansas Hospital, and his dog Cooper were reunited Tuesday afternoon after being separated during a carjacking in Westport Monday. Horton was ordered out of the car; but Cooper was still in the backseat when the carjacker left the scene.

"Somehow I knew Cooper would take care of himself," Horton said.

But Horton was worried and planned a public appeal for someone to find his beloved Cooper. An hour before the planned news conference, Horton got the phone call he was hoping to get: KCK police said a family had found Cooper.

Liz Trujillo's husband Martin found Cooper at a gas station at 18th and Steele in Kansas City, Kan., around 8 a.m. Tuesday.

"He was cold and shivering and hungry and he was trying to get into the gas station but the owner wouldn't let him come in," Liz said. "My husband took a cell phone picture and sent it to me and I'm a sucker for dogs so I told him to bring the dog home."

The Trujillos have two dogs.

"We brought him in and fed him and kept him warm and he was so sweet and well-trained," she said. "Then I was looking at Facebook and saw the story about a dog missing after a carjacking and sure enough it turned out to be that dog."

She called police and returned Cooper to Horton.

"I am so grateful and thankful for the people who helped find and  harbor Cooper," Horton said.

The Trujillo's do not believe they are heroes.

"I only did what I hope someone would do if my dog was missing," Liz said.

Matthew Law has been charged in the carjacking.

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