Video of local monkey and cat's friendship goes viral

GREENWOOD, Mo. - It looks painful. But Chuck the cat really doesn't mind too much when APEril the monkey bites his tail. The two share a house at Monkey Island in Greenwood, Mo.

Monkey Island owner Dana Savorelli says when APEril bites Chuck, it doesn't really hurt because she gets mostly hair and not much skin.  In fact, Savorelli says the two get along really well. Savorelli recently shot a video of the pair playing together and put it on YouTube. 

It soon went viral. The latest count shows over 440,000 views. The video was also picked up by the Ellen DeGeneres Show where DeGeneres is celebrating Cat Week.

Savorelli said the two get along so well because Chuck has been such a good sport when APEril tries to make mischief. Now the pair are trying to adjust to a new roommate, a baby male kinkajou who has yet to be named.

Monkey Island is a refuge for exotic animals. Savorelli takes them in when they have nowhere else to go.

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