More than 60 dogs found packed inside minivan at Ohio hotel

It was a shocking discovery outside of a hotel in Ohio when dozens of dogs were found packed inside a minivan.

Authorities say a dog breeder from Indiana was transporting 62 dogs across the country in filthy conditions.

For hours, they traveled four to five dogs per crate.

"They were stuffed from the bottom to the top," humane agent Paula Evans said.

A total of 50 dogs and 12 puppies, some just a few weeks old, were found.

By the time they were rescued, they had spent almost 24 hours in the van.

It would have been longer, but the minivan broke down and a hotel worker called authorities.

Some dogs had cuts, scratches, and urine soaked coats. One had pneumonia.

The Licking County Dog Shelter, already filled to capacity, made a makeshift kennel to feed and care for the dogs.

But community members are pitching in, dropping of donations of small breed dog food and puppy pads to try and change that.

A veterinarian will screen the dogs and give them shots. After that, they will be put up for adoption.

The prosecutor's office is considering charges in the case.