Puppy stuck in abandoned car for 1 month, animal control searching for owners

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A 12-week-old puppy found locked in an abandoned car survived by eating scraps of McDonald's food for almost a full month, according to rescuers.

"It's devastating to hear, and then it's inspiring to hear at the same time," Tori Fugate with KC Pet Project said. "Hearing how this little girl has lived in this car for this long in those conditions is just amazing."

Animal control officers are trying to track down the puppy's owners by tracing the car's license plate number. They say the owners will face criminal charges if found.

The puppy, who rescuers named Kia, was discovered by an employee at the Kansas City tow lot on Monday, Fugate said. The car had been in the lot since April 8.

"She's really scared. She has been since she got here," Fugate said. "She's shaking, poor thing."

While Kia was dehydrated and emaciated, she's expected to survive.

Anyone who wants to help Kia can call the KC Pet Project at 816-513-9821.

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