T.A.K.E. Foundation self-defense class teaches women how to fight back

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thousands of women are attacked every year. Whether they are attacked in parking lots, stores or in the privacy of their home, self-defense experts say the key to fighting back is having the skills to know what to do.

Learning how to defend herself, should someone unfamiliar approach her during her freshman year of college next fall, was the main reason Lindsay McManus and her mom, Nan, attended the T.A.K.E. Foundation's self-defense class in Parkville, Mo.

"I really wanted her to take this class, because I want her to be safe on campus," Nan said.

Knowing that there will be times at college when Lindsay is alone, she said the information she learned about criminal behavior, how to prevent becoming a victim and what to do if attacked is helpful for everyone.

"It can happen when you're least expecting it. They taught some very good techniques today, and we're grateful to have that knowledge," Lindsay said.

Because women are often times targets, especially when they are alone, instructor Jill Leiker said it is important to know what you would to in any situation ahead of time.

"Unfortunately, if you are ever attacked, you're not with someone else, you are alone. So, it's important to think these thoughts and the ideas about what you potentially could do, and learn a few easy moves that you could do in case it happens," Leiker said.

Lindsay says the class put her mind at ease, just in case she ever needed to protect herself.

"I learned a lot about how to be aware when I'm by myself, and techniques I can use if somebody was attacking me," Lindsay said.

To learn more about T.A.K.E. self-defense classes, visit http://www.takedefense.org/.

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