Tips from Toby: Planting beautiful flowers and vegetables

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The nurseries are stocked with some of the most beautiful selections of herbs, veggies, flowers, shrubs and trees, ready to be put in the ground to make your home look beautiful and give you a bountiful harvest of fresh food at your table.

We've had so much rain that it may be a little wet. Amend your soil with Cotton Burr Compost. It's a great planting medium and will really help your garden and flowers. Just till it in with a rake or even your hands and mix it into your existing soil and that should dry things out.

There's a locally made product called Mushroom Stuff. It will feed your plants without the fear of over fertilizing, help your soil become more healthy and allow great root growth. Just mix it with water and you'll be on your way to some of the healthiest plants you've ever seen. Mushroom Stuff is also great to water in for your newer young trees as it promotes great root growth and an overall healthier tree.

With grocery store prices skyrocketing this is a great year to start a simple raised garden bed. We've put up instructions on how to build your own or they make easy kits. You'll be amazed at how much you can plant in a four by four foot garden bed. You'll enjoy real herbs and vegetables that taste so much better than what's been shipped all over the country.

Even if you don't have a green thumb it's so easy to get started planting in small containers. There are all kinds of new flowers and vegetables on the market. Try something new.

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