Tips from Toby: Getting the right water heater

Hi, I'm Toby Tobin. We keep our home at 58 during the day and 48 at night. But I've got to have a hot shower. Technology is changing and we're going to show you your options.

For about the past 30 years technology in our water heaters hasn't changed very much. The biggest advance was wrapping a wool blanket around your tank. But that is all changing. The government is mandating better advances for one of the biggest energy wasters in our home

 "A lot of homeowners in the Kansas City area have two tanks, so they're heating 80 to 100 gallons of water all the time 24-7," said Kent Gurske of Anthony Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.

Gurske says the best thing to do is make sure you replace your old tank with the technology that is right for your situation. The new advances range from thermostat controls to tankless water heaters. Be sure you are working with a pro to answer the right questions.

People don't use as much hot water as they used to before. We have lower flow faucets, lower flow shower heads, some people that don't have children in their home may use 10 gallons of hot water per day but they're heating 50, 75 or 100 gallons of water all the time so there's a series of questions that we ask to find out what is the best product for the homeowner.

Once you decide on your water usage be sure to buy the most energy efficient unit you can afford. It will go a long way toward paying for itself in savings.

How about the promise of unlimited hot water?  Next week we're going to show you if tankless hot water is an option for you!

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