Tips from Toby: Warmer winter weather brings weeds out earlier

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The warm weather this winter has caused some unwelcome visitors popping up in our yards. I've got just the cure for it.

The winter's mild temperatures have brought early blooms on flowers and trees. But there's a menace popping up in our lawns with small weeds making their early visit as well. To keep these little rascals from becoming a big problem this spring, now is the time to act.

Pick a day when the afternoon temperatures are above 40 degrees for spraying. I recommend Gordon's Speed Zone weed killer, with the addition of Spreader Sticker to help the chemicals adhere better to the weeds. Mix with water in a pump sprayer per the instructions on the bottle and spray those weeds lightly.

Spraying too heavy can also harm the grass around the weeds, so spray lightly. You're better off coming back and spraying one more time if they aren't dead in a couple of weeks.

You can keep this weed spray mixed up for the season, just don't store it someplace where it can freeze. This way you'll have a weed free lawn as it greens up over the next month!

Next week I've got a surprise for you. That's it I'm Toby Tobin. See you next week.

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