Endless options in search for new toilet

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An old toilet could be flushing your money down the drain.

The toilet is responsible for 30 percent of your indoor water consumption.

Getting a more efficient model could reduce your usage by 60 percent, that could save you about $110 a year off your utility bills.

"Your options are really endless," said Angie's Lists Angie Hicks. "Toilets have become very sophisticated over the years. You can find a very basic toilet for a few hundred dollars all the way up to thousands of dollars for the state of the art toilet."

The different options include bowl size, height and flush.

"A low-flush toilet would be anything from 1.6 all the way to down to 1.28," said Plumbing Showroom Manager Mary Wright. "You have dual flush toilets now that are .9 to 1.28. A dual flush toilet usually has two buttons or two types of levers on it that would be for your liquids and your waste. Those are becoming more and more popular."

"Different toilets like heated seats or washlets or have open and shut lids that are automatic – all those features are very desirable, they are not necessary but at the end of the day they are quite a nice feature to have those because they can actually save a lot of time. They have dryers built onto them. They have deodorizers. So the dryer function alone saves on toilet paper usage."

You may think you can handle the installation, but consider hiring a licensed plumber.

"Installing a toilet in of itself, is not a real complicated job, but you have to keep in mind that a toilet can be rather heavy, especially the porcelain, so you are going to need some extra hands to help you put it into place," said Hicks.

Also, plumbers can make sure it's installed right to avoid leaks under the flooring. That should take about an hour or two, costing you between $125 and $260 for installation.

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