Boulevard's sale to Duvel Moortgat shows growing European interest in American beer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Thursday, Boulevard Founder John McDonald sold the majority of its stake to Duvel Moortgat, a Belgian company. While some were excited about the new venture, others were sad to see the local product land in foreign hands.

"I hope that company recognizes how important Kansas City is to Boulevard and on the same token, how important Boulevard is to Kansas City," Kansas Citian Shomari Benton said.

"Really, I see this as two great breweries getting together to make new make the beers we have better," McDonald said.

Local beer connoisseurs said the merger will make Boulevard hop off the Midwestern map

"It used to be that the American craft brewers were really influenced by the European brewers, but now a lot of Europeans are so excited about what's going on in America," John Couture with Bier Station said.

Couture said Europeans are thirsty for hops, and more hops can be found in American beers

While beer capacity and distribution will be major benefits to the merger, the product may also improve

"There are a lot of really dynamic experimental beer styles Americans are working with. It's probably going to be a great give and take with Boulevard and the Duvel brand," Couture said.

While Kansas Citians hope to maintain the flavor of their Midwest lager, those who know beer best said the brown bottle will only get better.

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