A touch of Hollywood coming in KCK

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A little taste of Hollywood is coming Kansas City, Kan., next month.

But some Missouri side casinos are already concerned if the new Hollywood Casino will gamble with their future.

It will open with 2,000 slot machines and 52 table games.

The casino is located on turn two of the Kansas Speedway.

Its location is one of the reasons why Hollywood believes it will not take visitors away from the Riverboat competition but attract a whole new kind of tourist to the area.

"We'll take business from others in the market but will add new business too. It'll be healthy for the overall economy," said Hollywood Casino general manager Bob Sheldon.

Sean Barnard of Ameristar Casino on the Missouri side said he hoped Hollywood's prediction was correct.

"We're blessed to be in the position to be further away (from Hollywood) geographically." He added, "We have hundreds of thousands of guests a year. I think they'll visit (Hollywood) and then come back to us. I think it will be good for the market and I think it'll bring a new type of guest."

Hollywood Casino is scheduled to open Feb. 3.

It is expected to bring in $220 million a year.

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