Business chooses 23rd and Troost for new location; city leaders eager for more revitalization

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In the shadows of downtown, there is excitement brewing - and it's happening in an unlikely place.

New Horizons Enterprises, a $4 million-a-year environmental clean-up company, has just moved into a new building on Troost Avenue.

"I've lived in Kansas City, Missouri for five years and I can't imagine not being in Kansas City," said Stephanie Isaacson, who owns New Horizons.

The company has moved into the old Bogdon Candy Company on the corner of 23rd and Troost.

Isaacson said that New Horizons works with everything from phase one real-estate transactions to asbestos inspections to asbestos abatement.

She said she's excited by the new location.

"I just think there's something special about what's going on in the downtown community," Isaacson added, "And what's going on Troost right now."

Third district Councilwoman Melba Curls agreed.

"The central city, near downtown, is in need of businesses, so we're excited because they could have chosen anywhere," she said.

Even the Chamber of Commerce from Kansas City, Kan., took note of the step forward for Troost Avenue.

"Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas are both aging communities," Chamber CEO Cindy Cash explained.

"We learn from each other, so here's something I go back and say, ‘They did this here. What do we have here that we can do the same thing?'" she said.

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