Pedicabs coming to Crossroads and Westport

People powered transportation starts this weekend

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Are you tired of parking problems, gas prices and traffic?

Some local entrepreneurs think they might have the answer, and you can expect to see it soon on Kansas City streets.

Actually, you’ll probably hear it first. Expect to hear more bicycle bells, at least around the Crossroads and Westport.

Pedicabs are coming to town. They work just like a regular cab.

"We'll be riding around primarily Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights. People can just wave us down and we'll swing by and pick them up," Jay Matlack said. He’s Operations Manager of Tricycle Transit.

These cabs are greener than gasoline powered vehicles. They’re tricycles with a luxuriously padded and covered passenger area. “A rolling couch” is how Matlack describes them.

They have safety equipment including brake lights, and the operators have city permits and licenses. Still, it's not something Kansas City has seen before.

For those that might be a little put off by the idea of paying another human being to haul them around, Matlack reassures that all the riders do it because they love biking.

But the operators aren't hired just for their strong quadriceps.

"Our riders can kinda be ambassadors for Kansas City, kinda like tour guides. So they hopefully can recommend some good places to eat or some good places to go," he said.

Tricycle Transit is already thinking about expansion. They're talking with Power and Light and Zona Rosa and they hope to be in the stadiums next season.

And the bikes are available for special occasions.

"Adds to the ambiance. It's alot of fun, a lot of excitement," Matlack said.

The pedicabs will debut at the Crossroads during this First Friday and then they plan for them to become a part of the city environment.

The riders work on gratuity, which in other cities is about one to two dollars per block.

Tricycle Transit says they plan to operate the pedicabs year-round.

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