Production changes at Claycomo means 1,200 Ford employees will be temporarily laid off

CLAYCOMO, Mo. - More than 1,000 workers at Ford's Claycomo plant will be temporarily laid off starting next month.

Ford announced it was moving production of the Ford Escape to Louisville, KY last year.

In its place would be production of the new Ford Transit commercial van.

But before production can begin, the company will need to complete $1.1 billion in upgrades.

The final Escape will be produced April 27. After that, the plant will be shut down and the 1,222 workers will be laid off.

Ford has not announced when production of the Transit Connect van will begin, except to say it will be sometime next year.

That is when the employees will return to work.

To help with expected demand, more than 16-hundred additional workers will be added between 2013 and 2017.

The plant currently employs 3,300 people.

The production of the Ford F-150 will continue as normal.

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